About Me

Hello and welcome to my WPF blog. The aim of this blog is to present solutions and workarounds to common (and less common:-) problems concerning mostly WPF.

My name is Fredrik Hedblad and I’m a Computer Scientiest from Sweden who have been working closely with .NET for almost 10 years and I’ve used WPF almost daily ever since early Beta. I started out by learning C++ in high school and after that I’ve learned languages such as C, C++, VB6, Java, C#/VB.NET, LabView, PL/SQL and even some DataFlex plus many more. Before there was .NET I used mostly Win32 Api and MFC but later switched to Windows Forms once it was released. Nowadays it’s mostly WPF even if my current employer conducts some VB6 projects (argh) 🙂

When I’m not at my computer I’m a big Sports fan, especially ball sports and going to the Gym and recently I’ve also taken up Golf again. On my good days on the golfcourse I’m better then I was before but on my bad days, dude.. Went from 40 to 13 points in 2 consecutive rounds.. oh well 🙂

I just got back from a trip around the world with my girl, we were away for about 4 months so that’s why I haven’t kept this blog very updated in that period:)

If you have any questions just add a comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can!


One Response to About Me

  1. Alex H says:

    Hi Fredrik,

    I’m pretty new to WPF and I found your DataGrid2D on StackOverflow. Unfortunately I just made an account so I don’t have the 50 rep to post a comment so I thought I might find you here.

    The DataGrid2D is awesome and very useful, but when using the WPF Toolkit DataGrid with .NET 3.5, which I have to use for this project, the row headers don’t show up with UseModifiedDataGridStyle set to true.

    I have fiddled around a bit but can’t figure it out. Do you know what the differences are between the 4.0 DataGrid and the Toolkit one or what might be causing this?


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